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Welcome to SELLIT Sales & Management Software. Discover SELLIT, the latest sales and marketing system - the high-performance solution for handling all your data requirements with an emphasis towards sales and marketing areas. The system maximises your productivity and efficiency. SELLIT is a highly capable and flexible advanced sales and management system which will support and augment your daily operations in countless ways. It quickly brings order out of confusion and provides a focus for decision-making with its ready-to-hand store of necessary data which is vital for efficiency. SELLIT is an effective solution to cross-referencing of data. All outgoing correspondence can be stored in computer files with their content just a click away. It is possible to keep years of important data. The system also allows users to back up thousands of records using compression for minimum storage space and maximum portability. SELLIT has all the functionality needed to enable you to provide first class customer care, offering a highly effective solution. Full automation of multiple procedures from one mouse click with a full range of 'Instant' reports. Provides a platform for strong competitive edge. The system is designed to save you money and to organize your operating methods. A top performer against the best of available bespoke systems. Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2000/NT/ME/9XMulti-User: Requires standard networking software such as Microsoft and Novell.

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